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Health Access - Prevention and Testing

The Health Access program at Neighborhood House aims to decrease risk factors for HIV/AIDS/STIs and unwanted pregnancy among high-risk immigrant, refugee and low-income populations. Participants learn to “respect yourself, protect yourself” in a safe and culturally sensitive environment.

Education and Outreach
Neighborhood House targets education efforts toward Latino and Asian Pacific Islander populations to promote the HIV/AIDS/STIs prevention and reproductive health. Our professional, bi-lingual subject matter experts help adults over the age of 25 understand important topics including:
  • Human Anatomy
  • Reproductive Health
  • Disease Prevention
Languages include Spanish, Hmong, Tibetan, Hindi and English.

Prevention Through Treatment
Beginning in 2013, the Health Access program has expanded its focus to include free HIV testing. With an emphasis on “prevention through treatment,” the program connects individuals with a positive status to treatment, counseling, and information about how to prevent transmitting HIV to others.

Neighborhood House offers rapid testing, so staff is able to provide the results to participants after only 30 minutes. All results are kept completely confidential.

In the event of a positive test result, staff is trained to provide culturally sensitive counseling, and to help the participant access treatment.

Padres Informados/Jóvenes Preparados

Padres Informados/Jóvenes Preparados is a study in the Minnesota Center for Cancer Collaborations funded by the National Cancer Institute as a Community Networks Program Center for Reducing Cancer Disparities. The study focuses on strengthening the parent-child relationship in order to reduce youth intentions of using tobacco and illicit substances despite social challenges.

One of the strengths fueling this project is the collaboration between Latino community-serving agencies and University of Minnesota departments. A strong active partnership is vital for accomplishing one of Padres Informados’ end goals. Rather than only conducting research, Padres Informados hopes to serve as an example of a community and university collaboration that not only incorporates community participants in to the study, but relays information back to partners. The belief is this model of research will have lasting effects in the community once the study is finished.

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Stories: How the Health Access Program Makes a Difference

Testing +Treatment = Better HIV Prevention
Communities of color have been disproportionately affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic. But Neighborhood House is helping many individuals from high risk communities find the resources they need to combat this alarming trend.
Health Access program growing in 2013
Neighborhood House's Health Access program will will more than double services offered in 2013. New services will include free HIV testing and increased outreach to the GLBT community.

Strengthening Latinas through health education
Maria Elena Escoto leads Se Trata de Ti, a health education program for Latino populations. She was one of only five Latinas in each state to be selected to attend the 2011 National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health Conference in Washington, D.C.
Setting the pace for healthy living
Star is a 13-year-old girl. The oldest daughter of a single mother with four younger siblings, she was forced to take on many maternal responsibilities early in life, but was not ready to become a mother herself.


Health Access programming and testing is available to Minnesota residents over the age of 25, who are of Latino or Asian descent.

Contact program staff:

K. Hoang Bui (For API Populations):

Maria Elena Escoto (For Latino Populations):

Wa Yang (For API Populations):

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